Voting at the Convention

Congratuations to the new National Political Committee!

You may find election results here. New NPC members are in bold.


The Resolutions and Amendments Committee drafted a Consent Agenda based upon the straw poll reports on membership support for the amendments.

There are two key ways for DSAers to participate in DSA’s organizational decision-making processes leading up to and at the convention:

  1. Any member in good standing (that is, whose dues are paid through the period of the convention) may submit a political resolution for the convention to consider on any aspect of DSA’s politics and vision. Resolution submissions were due July 14th. Traditionally resolutions have been around DSA’s stance on a particular political issue (such as DSA’s affiliation with the Socialist International) or around a specific area of work that a given member or members believes DSA should prioritize in future work (such as proposing the formation of a DSA commission on worker cooperatives).

    Please see here for a list of the most current resolutions.

    Members may also propose amendments to the DSA Constitution or Bylaws by June 30th.

    **Please see this link for a list of the most current constitutional amendments.**.

    ** These are proposed amendments to resolutions and constitutional amendments offered to the DSA national convention. A small number of amendments are still under review and could not be included in this document. Those will be incorporated into the resolution committee’s report to the convention.**

  2. The NPC has drafted a set of organizational priorities, known as a Priorities Resolution, which are then discussed and voted on at the convention. The last two conventions’ Priorities Resolutions are here (2015) and here (2013), to give you a sense of what past examples have looked like.

Please see this link for amendments to the National Priorities Resolution.

The goal of the Priorities Resolution is to help convention attendees come to broad strategic agreement around DSA’s key organizational priorities over the coming two years. The Priorities Resolution is a separate document from individual resolutions that any member or group of members may wish to submit to the convention.

Brief Timeline of Priorities Discussion Process

  1. We are asking every chapter to hold a discussion among their membership by June 20th (date is flexible for chapters with monthly meetings later in June) to narrow down three organizational priorities their chapter believes DSA should prioritize over the next two years.

  2. Your chapter should schedule a member meeting now for sometime in early- to mid-June, either as your next general meeting or as a special chapter meeting, about what national campaigns or national projects should be priorities over the next three years. Each chapter should submit the results of these conversations to national DSA by June 20th.

    We have created a guide to help you facilitate conversation in your chapter.

  3. We sent out a survey to all members of DSA in May asking them to provide input on the top organizational priorities they’d like to see DSA focus on over the coming two years. The results of this survey were sent out in early June and are included in the chapter discussion guide above.

  4. We will hold a “virtual” conference of DSAers across the country Saturday, July 15th, 2-6 pm eastern to discuss/debate/take straw polls on a set of proposals that reflect the most broadly supported proposals from the chapter discussions (as well as at-large member discussions and individual member surveys carried out in May and June). Chapters should begin making preparations for this now.

Additionally, we will hold a round of eight to ten online video sessions in late July for convention delegates to debate and discuss proposed non-priorities convention resolutions (as opposed to organizational priorities proposals, which will be discussed during the July 15 virtual conference) before an online straw poll of delegates is taken to help us prioritize which items will receive the most time for debate at the convention.

We also encourage chapters to plan on holding within-chapter discussions of these non-priorities resolutions sometime in late July so chapter delegates will have a clear sense of where their membership stands on a given resolution.

Additional Resources for Priorities Discussion

Forms for submitting priorities proposals:

A form for submitting political resolutions will be sent out soon.

National Political Committee Elections

At the convention, we will elect our national leadership, called the National Political Committee. Any DSA member in good standing can nominate themselves or another member for election to the NPC. Please include a candidacy statement and photo if you choose to submit a name. The deadline for submissions is Friday, July 28th, 2017.

Candidate statement submissions will be published on this site shortly after they are received.

We will hold a conference call in the coming weeks to talk in detail about the role of the NPC and the “job description” of an NPCer, as well as the election process.

__National Political Committee Voting Guidelines __ Wondering how the NPC voting works? We have created an explainer to help make the NPC voting process clearer to delegates. We hope this helps clear up questions about the process. Please see this link for the guide.

2017 DSA Debate Schedule

This spreadsheet is a tentative schedule (subject to change) of debate time at the DSA convention. There will be 7 hours of debate broken down into 4 areas of debate (each tab on this spreadsheet is for one area): 1) the draft priorities resolution and amendments to it, 2) Constitutional/bylaw amendment proposals and amendments to them, 3) Political Resolution and amendments to them, 4) Topics around which both constitutional amendments and political resolutions were submitted (we will tackle the resolutions/amendments on these topics at the same time). Please remember that the items up for debate at the convention are only a portion of the total number of resolutions offered to the convention. Other resolutions that were not deemed important enough to debate at the convention (according to our delegate debate time poll) will either be included in a “consent calendar” of non-controversial resolutions to be voted on as a block or, in the case of more controversial items, will be referred to the incoming NPC for review.

Convention Rules

Please see the temporary rules for the 2017 DSA National Convention here. You may also find the link to these rules in the convention bulletins.