Catherine Hoffman

2017 NPC Candidate
Local Chapter: Detroit


I’ve been am active member of Detroit DSA since I joined as a college student in the early 2000’s. I became a socialist because so many of my friends and loved ones have been struggling to get by working long hours for little pay. Living in southeast Michigan, I grew up around people who made good lives for themselves because of victories of the labor movement, and I saw the devastation caused as those victories have been chipped away. When I’m not doing DSA activities, I work as a substitute teacher. I also work part time helping several young adults with disabilities improve their daily living skills. My socialism is informed by my work in our public schools and my work with people who rely on medicaid and medicare to survive. I’ve identified as a feminist since I was a teenager, and I am also a member of the lgbtq community. I know that our socialism must include strong support for members of marginalized communities.

Why I'm Running

I’m running for the NPC because I greatly care about DSA and our future. I want us to be an organization that is truly nationwide. Here in Michigan, we have been helping to build new chapters around the state, and I believe that we have a model for what can work throughout the country. We are an inter-generational chapter where everyone works well together, and have been very successful at turning new members into active participants in our chapters. I have a lot of experience at both the local and national level, and would like to put my skills to use continuing to help grow DSA.

My Previous Political Work

I’ve been on Detroit DSA’s executive board for a number of years, and have been vice-chair of the chapter for the past few years. One of my first big projects with Detroit DSA was to help lead a successful campaign which pressured Wayne State University to adopt a policy stating that the university would not produce products made in sweatshops. For about five years, I handled all of my local’s social media. I also have a lot of experience canvassing, doing coalition work, and working with socialists who have a diverse range of opinions. Detroit DSA was instrumental in helping Bernie Sanders win in Michigan’s primary election and, with several other DSA members, I helped run the Bernie campaign office in Pontiac. At the national level, I led DSA’s Drop Student Debt campaign for the first few month, helping to get that campaign off the ground. I’m a very active member of our social media team, and have been co-chair of that committee for the past few months. I am also a member of the DSA Queer Working Group and recently created a Facebook group for LGBTQ DSA members.

My Vision for DSA

This is really an exciting time for DSA. We are growing and now have resources we couldn’t have imagined a year ago. But, we need to grow wisely. We need to ensure that we have a strong group of activists who can train our new members to be leaders in their newly formed chapters. We must ensure that all of our chapters have a voice in the organization. Our members should have the opportunity to participate in regular strategy discussions about the direction DSA is going. We also need to had a strong message that will resonate with people around the U.S. I think being a part of a strong Medicare for All campaign would give us a great opportunity to share our vision with a much wider audience. I’m proud to be running as a part of the Momentum State ( with a group of committed, experienced activists who have a strong vision for DSA’s future.