Brandon Payton-Carrillo

2017 NPC Candidate
Local Chapter: Chicago DSA


I was born in the great State of Wisconsin to a working class family in Beloit. During the nineties my little industrial town felt the full effect of NAFTA’s strife, and a little seed of economic justice planted. That seed was nurtured at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where I graduated with a degree in political science. That is where I was exposed to my State’s socialist and progressive history. As I learned more about Frank Zeidler and the other Milwaukee socialist, I came to the conclusion that this was me! I currently reside in the City of Chicago, IL..

Why I'm Running

I am running to build upon our massive growth as organization and to ensure that DSA as organization is working to be a vital part of the lives of working people. For the communities of marginalized people, I would like DSA to not only be their voice but the tool for their empowerment.

My Previous Political Work

During the last two years as part of the NPC, I have helped guide DSA’s transition from an organization of 6500 people into the third largest socialist organization in American history. My main area of activism has revolved around solidarity economics and workplace democracy. Because of this, I aided in revitalizing the national solidarity economy working group.

On the local level in Chicago, I led the formation of a south side Chicago branch and created many connections with local organizations such as STOP Chicago and BLM.

My Vision for DSA

My goal is help DSA grow their membership by being a part of people’s everyday lives. I wish to push for campaign with clear objectives and endpoints in which can be developed and implemented by the local chapters. The best way to spread democratic socialism is to show people what it looks like in action. By local chapters catering to the needs of their community, we have a strong opportunity to teach those who are not familiar with us and gaining new recruits. Through the growth of the Solidarity Economy Working Group, I have brought awareness to this cause nationwide.

I will support any efforts by locals to advance their technological prowess. Whether it is advancing their social media footprint or the maximizing a chapters use of data to further their fundraising, I will promote and support cost effective ideas.

With my ability to problem solve and compromise, I hope aid my colleagues in our mission to lead DSA and democratic socialism in America to a new golden age.