Alexandra Dudley

2017 NPC Candidate
Local Chapter: North Bay


I’m a white cis queer lady with 30-something years of experience being alive. I’ve been described as an “Internet Den Mother” and an “OC Project Manager.” My socialism comes from my heart, rather than my head; I am led by what I feel is right and best, not by years of study. I give great hugs.

Why I'm Running

NPC needs more representatives from the anarchist side of the political compass, who will strive to maintain the autonomy of locals and resist any tendency towards the centralization of power as the organization grows.

My Previous Political Work

Mine was the kick that started the North Bay DSA OC in motion. In the few short months we have been in existence, North Bay has worked in coalition with other local groups, including El Pueblo Unido and the Community Action Coalition. We participated in a successful campaign to recall a local sheriff, have canvassed for ballot measures and single payer healthcare, and projects in the planning stages include a community co-op vegetable garden and socialist emotional support group.

My Vision for DSA

The next two years will be crucial for DSA, and National and the NPC must focus on building tools and structures that locals may use as they grow. The independence and autonomy of locals is one of the strongest points of the federated structure of DSA, and we must not impede that by forcing our will upon them. It is important to me that we support locals in their growth, not fence them into a predetermined structure decided by a centralized committee. All power to the locals!